mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System
User guide

Column and Sorting Views

Each section of mLIMS allows you to set your column and sorting views.  Each user sets their own view, and will not affect the page views of other users.
There is a great deal of connectivity between each working section.  You can add data from other modules to your view, as well as any custom fields you have created.
1. In any working section (Cages, Animals, Events, Experiments, Measurements, Matings, Litters, Protocols), click the settings button to activate the tool.
2. Move fields from available fields to selected fields or vice-versa.  The order may also be changed by selecting the field and clicking the up or down arrow.
Note that fields from other modules in the Animals Example below are also available, such as tag and wean dates from the Litter Module.
3. Under Field Sorting Options, set how you want to sort and mLIMS will automatically sort your columns based on yoru specifications. (First by Animal Name, Add More - Second by DOB, etc).