mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System
User guide

Copy and Paste Data

1. When Your Template is Ready, you may now import into mLIMS. Go to System Settings - Import Animals and Cages. Have you double-checked your template?

Start Here

Go to System Settings - Import Cages and Animals

Copy and Paste

Copy and paste all of your headers and columns from your template into the box.

Update Data

Click update data box, even if you are not updating existing animals (if you have existing animals, the import will update them rather than create new ones).  It is importnat to check this box at all times if you are adding genotypes.

Manage Genotypes

Define how your genotypes are listed in your template, in a single or multiple columns, and if you are adding more (merge) or replacing genotypes.  For new animals, always click merge.

Click Submit

Click Submit and mLIMS will move to the review screen.
Copy and Paste Data