mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System
User guide

Protocol Settings

Go To: System Settings - Settings - IACUC Protocols

Protocol Module

By default, the Protocol Module is enabled.  Use the dropdown to disable the module if you do not wish to track Protocols.

Protocol Assignment

By default, mLIMS will track the number of animals in a protocol at the cage level; protocols are assigned to cages and the animals in the cage are all assigned the protocol.  You may change this to animal level, in which the                protocols are assigned to individual animals.  The modules do  not interchange; it is best to make your choice before beginning protocol assignment.  If you do change from cage to animal level or vice versa, please contact us to            assist you with changing the protocol assignment.

Set Required Fields

Choose Yes to make protocol a required field when adding animals or cages - if a user forgets to assign the protocol, mLIMS will prompt you to assign it before saving.

Custom Fields

Add up to 25 custom fields of any type to your animal module.  If the field already exists in mLIMS, your custom field will appear with a (1).  Keep in mind that fields may exist elsewhere in mLIMS, which integrates fields from all           modules.  Click here for the full list of existing data fields in mLIMS.
Protocol Settings