mLIMS Mouse Colony Management System
User guide

Pups Information

Go To: System Settings - Settings - Matings & Litters
Tab: Litters
Section 2 of this tab: Enter Pup Survial and Pups Value Settings

Pup Survial Rate

If you wish to keep track of pup survival rate,  check all of the non-living statuses in the input section that you want to include as not surviving.  If you leave any blank, mLIMS will not include that staus in the analysis.  For survival                definition, cheack all of the statuses that you would consider as "survived," such as sacrificed or moved.  The unchecked statuses will be included to determine survival rate.

Pup Common Information

When adding common information such as strain, the pups may all share the same value.  If they do not, change the dropdown to different, or disable it.  When matings are added, if all pups share the same strain, etc., you will be able to assign these fields when adding the mating and they will automatically apply to the pups when added.
Pups Information