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What's New in mLIMS

November 2019
iPad Update: The latest IOS updates have affected how mLIMS works in Safari (it is not affected in Chrome.  The update affects the menus.  To fix this go to:
Settings --> Safari
Scroll down to the "Settings for Websites" section.
Request Desktop Website --> Turn it off.
August 2019
Improved Protocol Tracking:  Click any protocol name in the review  protocols area to see all of your usage, including number of live and dead animals and quota numbers used since approval date.
August 2019
Pain Levels added to Protocol Tracking
August 2019
Age to Date and Date to Age:  mLIMS can calculate the age of animals on a certain date, or will provide a date based on an animal age using days or weeks.
August 2019
New Workflow Section:  This page is updated by user request.  If you are looking for a workflow, contact us and we will add it for you!
July 2019
Search Live Animals:  The Animals menu now has a quick link to search live animals only.  This makes searching active animals easier, omitting the need to start with status is live.  You can now easily use OR within your live animals.
June 2019
Include Custom Fields on Animal and Cage Cards:  If you add additional fields to animals or cages, they are now available as a field on your cage or animal cards.
May 2019
Protocol Expiration Alert:  In the alert section on the Home Page of mLIMS, any Protocols expiring in the next 30-60-90-days will prompt an alert.
April 2019
Improvement to Project Settings:  In System Settings - Projects (see step 3), you can now make Project a required field, solving the issue of forgetting to add a new animal, cage, mating, litter, event, or experiment to a project.  If the group uses the Project feature and a new entry is made without the Project Field, mLIMS will prompt the user to assign a Project.
March 2019
Improved the Import Tool:  In addition to importing new animals, you can now export data, edit, and import again to update existing animals.  mLIMS will look for new and existing animal names and decide whether to update the animal or add a new animal based on the Animal Name.  If you are unable to get online, you can now work offline in excel and re-import when yo uare back online.
March 2019
Create Multiple Cages:  Create up to 100 empty cages at a time.
February 2019
Single Cage Report:  Export all information on a single cage to a csv file.  Includes complete cage history, animals, and related experiments, lab events, and breeding events.
January 2019
Verify Parents (See step 7):  Make dam/sire required field when adding pups.  Useful for trio/harem matings, when one or more dams/sires must be selected. Must be set in system settings (use link above).  When activated, if a user forgets to choose dam/sire from multiple dam/sire matings, mLIMS will alert the user to complete the field.
January 2019
Animal Dashboard:  Detailed Overview of your colonies in a dashboard/statistical view.