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Go to Users - Add User
Users are added to your group using the tools in mLIMS.  You may only add users up to your purchased limit.  If a member of your lab has signed up for mLIMS separately from your group, please contact us and we will assist in moving the user to your group.
Users may only be added by the Group Manager or those with permission.
Users can only be deleted by the Group Manager.
You will only be able to add new users up to your account limit. 
Deleted users do not count toward your user count.

Main Information Tab

Add new user will first display the Main Information tab.  Complete and save this section firs, then click the User Permissions tab to set permissions.

Required Fields

Enter First Name, Last Name, and valid email address.  The email address will also be the user name for login in to mLIMS.


Enter a password, or leave blank to let the system assign a password.  The system emails the password to the user, so if your institution uses spam blockers, we recommend assigning the password manually.

Optional Fields

Phone number and notes are optional.  You may also attach files if desired.

Submit Changes

Submit Changes, OR proceed to User Permissions tab before submitting to set permissions now.  Permissions may also be added later.
Add Users