mLIMS For Researchers Mouse Colony Management System
User guide

Litter Information

Go To: System Settings - Settings - Matings & Litters - Litters Tab
Section 1 of this tab: Enter Settings

Litters Tab

Click on the Litters Tab.

Date Calculations

There are 3 options for date calculations:  Disable, Fill in Tagging and Weaning Date based on DOB,  or Fill in DOB based on wean date (use if you do not add litters intil the wean date).

Progress Update

Click yes to allow mLIMS to automatically set litters to completed/inactive when weaning is complete.

Tag and Wean Days

Enter the number of days after birth that pups are tagged and weaned.  These can be different number of days.  If you are using date calculations, mLIMS will automatically enter the tag and wean date and place on the mLIMS       calendar.

Duplicate Litter Name

Click yes if you would like to duplicate litter names (default is No).

Verify Parents

If you use trio or harem matings, click yes to have mLIMS check parent information for each pup.  If you forget to choose the correct parent from a trio or harem mating, mLIMS will prompt you to choose (recommended!)
Litter Information