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Add Multiple Animals

Animals - Add Multiple Animals

Define Cages

Select your option.  You can add multiple animals to one existing cage, add multiple animals to a new cage, leave uncaged for now, or add any number of animals to multiple cages automatically.  If you choose Auto, it is           recommended that you are using automatic cage naming in Projects.  Otherwise, cages will be added as Cage 1, Cage 2, etc.

Number of Animals

Enter the number of males and females to add.  If you are using Auto, mLIMS will create cages for the animals based on your cage capacity in system settings - cages.

Other Naming Features

Add a space:  If your animals are automatically named with a space in them, check this box (ie: A 001, A 002, etc).  You may also give all of the animals the same name if this is allowed in system settings- animals.

Animal Naming

If you use automatic naming, this field will be filled in for you.  If you use automatic naming without an initial number, enter the first animal ID in the animal tag box. Proceed to filling out the rest of the information to add a new animal. All fields after naming will be the same for all animals. Sumbit when finished.
Add Multiple Animals