mLIMS For Researchers Mouse Colony Management System
User guide

Animal Identifications

Go To: System Settings - Settings
Tab: Animals
Part 2: Animal Identification (Middle of Page)

Animal ID

Enter Animal ID (Optional).  If you use automatic naming, mLIMS will choose the first animal ID (such as Ear Tag) to name the animals in increments of 1.  Animal ID can be the SAME or DIFFERENT from the Animal Name.                   Animals may have up to 6 ID's, but only the first one will be used fpr automatic naming.  If the ID you want to use is not in the dropdown list, type it in using auto-generated dropdown functions.


Enter a starting number if you are using automatic naming, and all animals will increment by 1.  Leave blank if you wish to enter the first ID yourself (such as irregular ear tags).


These fields are optional, check the box if you wish to auto-increment, and select unique check if you want mLIMS to check that the animal name is already in use.

Cage Card

Select which animal ID to display on your cage cards.
Animal Identifications