Additional Information

Go To: System Settings - Settings - Animals - Additional Information
Tab: Animals
Part 3: Additional Information (Third Tab)
Add up to 25 custom fields of any type to your animal module.  If the field already exists in mLIMS, your custom field will appear with a (1).  Keep in mind that fields not in animals may exist elsewhere in mLIMS, which integrates fields from all modules.  Click here for the full list of existing data fields in mLIMS.

Additional Information

Proceed to the Additional Information Tab to create custom fields.

Custom Field Name

Enter the name of your custom field.

Field Type

Select type of field from the dropdown menu.  If you create a dropdown menu, it will be available in the "review by" menu in its category.

More Fields

Click to add up to 20 more custom fields.

Submit Changes

Click submit when main information, animal identification, and custom fields are completed.
Additional Information